Friday, March 15, 2019

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Why People Write? People write for many an(prenominal) reasons. They write to educate, , and to entertain to express their feelings of emotions of joy or sadness, likewise to preserve historyIn Maya Angelous story Graduation in palm of Reading she teaches us near racism in the south in the 1940s. Angelou writes close how schools in the south were segregated. Black students were deprived of resources to enable students to learn. go schools were endowed with all the resources needed for a prominent education. They were issue to bring the newest microscopes and chemistry equipment for their laboratory.1Not only does Maya Angelou write about lack of resources in the black schools she also writes that even after the students graduated that they merely going to be carpenter, athletes and entertainers.and our boys ( the girls werent even on it) would try to be Jesse Owensesand Joe Louises.2 Maya Angelou is non the only writer who wrote to educate her readers. Prince Modupe who wr ote The Royal African, educated people about his culture, his religion and how power among his people was passed down through women.Prince Modupe tells us about how his braveness was tested by the elders by fighting with leopards. this is the way a youths courage was tested by the elders of the community.I am that youth whose courage was tested in hand to hand combat with a leopard.3Prince Modupe also talks about how everything is passed down through the women from generation to generation. These things consisting of property, rights, and even the ecological succession to the throne..Our nations system was matriarchal. Grandfather sat the throne because there was no womanly successor for the office in his mothers familydescended through women.4 other writer who writes to educate is Martin Luther King. He writes about racism and about non-violence in the United States in the 1960s. King speaks of liberalism and neo-orthodoxy. King says that these two theories are inadequate. piec e of music needs a reason as much as he needs God. Liberalism was to a fault sentimental concerning human nature and that it leaned toward a delusive idealism. On the other hand he says that neo-orthodoxy fell as the toughness of anti-rationalism and semi-fundamentalism , ( stressing a narrow biblicism).While I saw neo-orthodoxy as a helpful corrective for a sentimental liberalism,If liberalism was too optimisticneo-orthodoxy was too pessimistic. 5 People also write to entertain, whether it be a rummy quote or a full comedy to

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