Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Race Relations in Modern American Society Essay -- Papers

Race dealing in Modern the Statesn SocietyRace relations be an ever prominent issue in American society. Controversies focusing most look sharp are a commonly seen smeared across the front pageboy of the newspaper or headlining on the evening news. The opposition is usually amid a minority group and The Man, a colloquialism used by many pitch-darks to refer to the overwhelming power foreming from white racist tendencies. This racial tension can sometimes can cause the oppressed to environ together against the oppressor. Many times, the most prevalent link is between the African American community and the Latino community. Here we find two groups of plenty with really similar lifestyles who find camaraderie between themselves when dealing with Americas racism.Although the specifics may differ, the experiences of Blacks and Latinos, specifically Mexican Americans, has impacted the two communities very similarly. For example, many sociologists agree that the slavery e xperience is the cause of many problems Black America has now. Things such as Black on Black crime, bemused homes, high poverty levels and drug problems are believed to have links hindquarters to slavery. Much like Blacks, Mexican Americans have problems in their communities today that stem from their dealing with immigration in this country. Their problems restrained exist greatly because immigration is still going on between Mexico and America. The affects of slavery and illegal immigration began many years ago, continued throughout history and continue into todays culture. In the late 19th century and early twentieth century, Blacks were oppressed with the use of Black Codes followed by the implementation of Jim Crow laws and segregation. These acts of racism have since be... ...welfare, those who are gang affiliated, the drug users and those that live in run-down, displace tenements who suffer from tuberculosis and depression. It forgets the many who are forced t o work in sweatshops and live below poverty level. Secondly, the Model Minority Myth is a dangerous concept because Asian Americans are alienated from the majority race as well as the minority race pool. They are still perceived by white America as outsiders yet are set up for resentment by former(a) minorities. This makes life threatening for the Asian American that achieves because he is almost forced to turn against his otherwise brothers and sisters of color. This is detrimental to the well-being of the Asian American in this country. This concept should not be used to describe the modern Asian American and should be recognized as a stereotype like any other in our society.

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