Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Negative Screen Time Effects

Statistics show that separate metre shunly professs childrens learning abilities and development. The do of so often eras covering cartridge clip give the bounce include language delays, aggressive behavior and obesity. (Lavey) Since p bents play a role in how lots idiot box their kids can memorize, they can minimize the chances of their brains non developing correctly.The send-off 2 years of life be considered a critical time for brain development. TV and other electronic media can hurt in the means of exploring, playing, and interacting with p arents and others, which furthers learning and healthy physical and social development. (Kids Health)Children do non understand the damage that can be caused by excessive secrete time, which is why parents need to become more involved and apprize them. By minimizing the enumerate of time that children spend victimisation telecasting and other screen times, they leave alone increase their levels of brain activity a nd have improved neurologic development. Screen time, of in exclusively told types, can imprint children in many antithetical ways some of them are positive, but many of them are contradictly charged. ceremonial goggle box and using other types of screen times too much can affect many aspects of childrens lives, including their health and school performance. In articulate to stay healthy, kids need to eat chastise, as well as get plenty of regular exercise. This is non hard for most children since they are more often than non very active. However, when they are sitting in front of the television all day, they are not staying active. This allow for eventually starting signal to take a toll on their weight and general physical well-being.The difficulty in truth comes in that once a child is obese they more than likely pull up stakes remain obese into and through their adulthood. There is no promiscuous fix. It takes time, hard work and a drive to change habits tha t have been found for a long time. (Sigman) So the so singler you get your child to start following good and healthy habits the better this includes watching television because one of childrens favorite things to do while watching television is eat. groom performance too can be drastically affected if children are exposed to too much screen time.They go forth not string time to do their homework, which will ultimately have a prejudicial involve on their grades. Younger people are affected much more soft by what they see or hear on television or the figurer. These things will have a bigger impact and influence on them than they would on someone older who knows better and knows what is just and wrong. There are plenty of commercials and shows on television that can be a bad influence on kids. Everything from violence and crime to drugs and familiar content can be found on both the computer and television.Even though parents try their best to teach their children right from w rong, if they see these things nice on a regular basis, it will have some descriptor of negative effect on them. When children see these bad things happening on television, and they see that nothing is being done to stop them, they automatically take aim that it is all acceptable for them to do as well. This, again, can begin to affect other aspects of their lives negatively such(prenominal) as school and their behavior. Research shows that the absolute majority of screen time has a negative effect on children of all ages.Children ranging from ages two to 11, on average, spend anywhere from 25 to 35 hours a week in front of the television, or other forms of screen time. At such young ages, children should not be spending that much of their time watching television.There are many other much more affect activities that they could be doing instead that could supporter them in their development into adults including playing outside, reading, or writing. Parents are a big cause of this because the majority of them do not care how much or how often their children watch television.Some even encourage it, and think that it is good for their children. Studies show that screen time cuts into the adult-child interaction that is life-and-death to developing language skills. (Lavey) So, if parents do not pay attention to the amount of screen time their children are exposed to when they are young, it can affect their ability to learn how to speak correctly. Many programs on television teach kids things that are unacceptable or that can affect them in negative ways. Commercials and other ads, as well as many shows.Demonstrate unethical and dehydrated ways to live life, and children, at such young ages, can easily pick up on those things and make them habits of their own. Everything from stereotypes to violence, unhealthy eating habits to drugs, inebriant and sex is shown on television on a variety of channels.Children who consistently spend more than 4 hours per da y watching television are more likely to be overweight. Kids who view violent acts are more likely to show aggressive behavior but also panic that the world is scary and that something bad will happen to them.Television characters often yield risky behaviors, such as smoking and drinking, and also reinforce gender-role and racial stereotypes. (Kids Health) There are over two thousand ads on television each year for alcohol. If children are exposed to these things, especially at such young ages, they will definitely be impacted by them.They will begin to think that things they see on television are acceptable, and will eventually start to counterpart what they see. Children are known for wanting to copy anything they hear or see when they are young, so parents should be certainly that they surround their child only with positive influences.Although there are a number of negative effects of television and other screen times, they are not necessarily all bad. Certain things can be turn so that there are more positive effects resulting from all the screen time. Parents can play a role in their childrens exposure to television and other screen times. If they monitor them, and teach their children what and what not to believe from what they see on television, they may have the power to backsliding it into something good.When used in substitute, screen times can actually do good children, usually those who are over the age of two. Watching television with your children, and program line and educating them about what they are watching will help because then they will not be affected as easily.They will come to understand, with help from their parents, that just because they see something on television does not mean it is right or tolerable to do themselves. Studies have shown that television and other screen time can be educational for children to a certain extent. true(p) educational programs can provide lasting benefits to children at many ages, but it may be especially significant to provide such exercise for very young children because they are less likely than older children to be exposed to formal preschool instruction, and because stable habits of viewing may be organise in the first few years of life. (Huston, Science Daily)There can be just as many good things to be found on television and the computer as there are bad. Since we know how socialize television is for children, we can definitely use it to ouradvantage, by only allowing them to watch education programs and keeping them away from all of the negative things.This gives parents a way to keep their children happy and entertained, but also at the same time help to expand their knowledge and keep them away from all of the negative things that they may see or hear on television. The most important thing to understand and keep in mind is that children have not finished fully growing until they are well into their teenage years, when they are young their brains are stil l developing, so they will retain negative information easier and pick up on bad habits more quickly.Children will benefit more from decreased use of screen times, which will also help improve their attention span and overall academic performances. Watching television and using other screen times in moderation is acceptable and can also be beneficial it is only when they are abused and over-used that they become a problem. With the known negative facts about children overusing television and other screen times, monitoring the amount of time they spend using them will increase chances of improved brain activity and development into adulthood.

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