Saturday, March 2, 2019

Local Coffee Shops and Chain Coffee Shops Essay

Coffee defecates pee-pee always been important for British people. When they command to read a book and newspapers ,meet new people, follow commodity damages, have knowledge of political issues, learn about what others think of a new book, be aw ar of the latest scientific and technological developments, have a chat with friends, they are going to coffee shops. In the past, in that location were only topical anesthetic coffee shops which are also named as mettle near highroad coffee shops. Nevertheless, today, the number of coffee shop chains is increase dramatically. Therefore, it becomes so difficult for the testifyers of the high track coffee shops to run their own businesses. This will be analyzed by comparing the upside and the downside of some(prenominal) shop types in this essay.First of all, giant companies have the advantage of a location which can be to a greater extent convenient and also easier for topical anesthetics, in particular students, to shop quickl y. For instance, a big company can decorate up a coffee shop in such a good place like in a shopping common or a centre, in a train or a bus station, in an airport and in a popular street of a town centre, however, this is usually not possible for a local business person.Secondly, the latter has got the advantage of a popular brand name, only when the former does not have this opportunity. Finally, giant corporations coffee shops are more modern and organized than local ones. On the other hand, there are some advantages of high street coffee shops. For example, a high street coffee shop has got a better automated teller machine than a shop of a chain. The staff of local one is more friendly and hospitable. In addition, in a local coffee shop, most customers know each other and they can make new friends and discuss whatever they want with other customers. Thus, they feel more comfortable in these local shops.However, it is plain difficult to provide a friendly environment in a gi ant corporations coffee shop because the personnel are more formal when they deal with customers. Also, people can get a delicious meal and a cup of coffee with a cheaper price in local shops compared to others.To sum up, even though there are some advantages of local coffee shops, particularly a kindly atmosphere of them, it is still challenging for them to compete with giant corporations. However, I believe that, in order to keep local coffee shops alive, there are some measures which can be taken. For instance, councils can reduce the amount of the rates and the rents for local businesses. Besides, all shopping centers should be outside of towns and local people should back up to go to local coffee shops.

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