Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Greed - Vital to Human Welfare Essay -- Expository Essays

Greed - Vital to gentle WelfareWhats the noblest of kind motivations? Some might be tempted to answer charity, pick out of ones neighbor or, in modern, politically correct language giving something stake to the community. In my book, these are indeed noble motivations, but they pale in comparison to a much more potent motivation for gracious action. For me the noblest of human motivations is greed. I dont mean theft, fraud, tricks, or misrepresentation. By greed I mean people being only or mostly touch on with getting the most they can for themselves and not necessarily concerned close the welfare of others. Social consternation might cause one to suck up at the suggestion that greed might possibly be seen as a noble motivation. Enlightened self-interest might be a preferable term. I prefer greed since it is far more descriptive and less likely to be confused with other human motives. That human greed is the greatest of human motivations should be obvious to all however, a fe w examples will make it more concrete. Texas cattle ranchers make coarse sacrifices to husband and insure the safety and well-being of their herds running down sick cattle in the snow to care for and feed them, hiring veterinarians to insure their health, winning them to feed yards in time to fatten them up prior to interchange them to slaughter houses. The result of these sacrifices is that New Yorkers can get laid having beef on their supermarket shelves. Idaho potato farmers arise early in the morning. They do backbreaking influence in potato fields, with the sun beating down on them and perhaps being eaten by bugs. Similarly, the result of their sacrifices is that New Yorkers can also enjoy having potatoes on their supermarket shelves.Why do Texas cattl... an endangered species. Such a parliamentary law reduces the private use-value of the land and hence weakens incentives to care for the land. Similarly, if there were high ravish taxes for land sales, it too wou ld weaken incentives to care for the land. In fact, anything that weakens the owners private attribute rights in the land weakens his incentives to do the socially responsible thing - preserve on societys scarce resources.While human motivations such as charity, love, or concern for others are important and salutatory, they are nowhere nearly as important as peoples desire to have more for themselves. We all sleep with that but we pretend it is not. That unwillingness to acknowledge personal greed as vital to human welfare, and instead view it with disapproval, makes us easy target area to charlatans and quacks whod take away our liberties in the name of combatting greed.

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