Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Essay --

From the 1920s up until his death Joseph Stalin was the leader of Russia. What ensued under Stalins reign didnt evoke emotions of love for country at heart the Russian people. Under Stalin the people lived in constant fear because of an epidemic within their own country, genocide of Stalins own people by Stalin himself. From 1934 up until 1939 a period of mass fear swept over Russia and at the helm Stalin with his (helpers?) of mass killings, the NKVD which are the internal police. Russia has always had a take in state security service commonly thought of now as the secret police, but in 1929 under the direction of Stalin the NKVD was organise and though it may have a new name it lock up held the infamous fear and practices of its predecessors, the GPU, The GUGB, and others. Russian author Mikhail Bulgakov was alive during this period of fear, and wizard of the ledgers he wrote titled The Master and Margarita shares a lot more than matchless similarity with Stalin and his regi me of fear. In fact it seems like the author created this book as a commentary of the times because of the way he writes ...

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