Friday, March 15, 2019

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Ways of Knowing, Modes of Acting The Therapeutic Theater man ratLife, as it is represented through various media, has a brainwashing effect on the looker he consumes a fabricated her than producing one of his own. The unconscious is constantly repressed, plot of ground the conscious is force fed images which basely appeal to the controlled linear processes of the brain. psychiatrist C.G. Jung writesThe source of numerous psychic disturbances and difficulties occasioned by mans progressive alienation from his instinctual foundation, i.e., by his uprootedness and identification with his conscious knowledge of himself, by his concern with consciousness at the expense of the unconscious. The result is that modern man can know himself except in so far as he can locomote conscious of himself--his consciousness therefor orients itself chiefly by observing and investigate the world around him, and it is to its peculiarities that he must adapt his psychic and skillful resources. This task is so exacting, and its fulfillment so advantageous, that he forgets himself in the process, losing wad of his instinctual record and putting his own conception of himself in rear of his objective being. In this way he slips imperceptibly into a purely conceptual world where the products of his conscious activity progressively replace reality. Separation from his instinctual nature inevitably plunges civilized man into the conflict between conscious and unconscious, pure tone and nature, knowledge and faith, a split that becomes pathological the moment his consciousness is no longer able to neglect or suppress his instinctual side. (1)The prozac world we inhabit is a direct result of doctors eager to fix or cure disorders through administering prescription drugs. These drugs dont cure diseases, but rather numb(p) their symptoms the patient acts their daily ritual of dealing with life in a zombie like trance instead of confronting the horror, terror, and chaos essential to the genius of the world so as to better understand the self and the selfs place in it. Its easier to turn off the receptors that trigger emotions, ideas, or urges we dont like veneering than to explore their origin. This method of treatment is not only dangerous, but frightening, because it threatens the in truth existence of humanity by crippling the selfs internal communication needed to forming individual identity. This calls for a radical change in the medical wellness care system (2)) where responsibility is placed on doctors to approach a patients psychosis on

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