Saturday, March 23, 2019

Flood of Epic of Gilgamesh and Book of Genesis of the Holy Bible :: Epic Gilgamesh essays

The flood out of Gilgamesh Perhaps the most popular comparison with Noahs Flood is that of an ancient Babylonian narrative of a similar flood. A quick look at the text does show some key similarities between them however on that point are also some pointed differences. I will show you both(prenominal) and let you decide whether there is or is not a connection. initial let us look at the similarities *It is set in the Iraqi/Turkey area.....similar to the Biblical Flood. *A populace is warned by a beau ideal to build a ship so he could survive a coming flood, sent by the divine powers. *The piece of music is told to restrain himself, his family, and a sampling of all living things. *The gravy holder was to be sealed with rosin inside and out. *A set time is made by the graven image for the flood to begin. *The flood includes both rain and water from the surface. *The flood cover the mountains. *The sauceboat came to rest on a mountain first. *Birds we re released to test for whether or not the waters had receeded. In the Biblical account, a raven and a dove were released. In the Gilgamesh account, a dove, swallow, and raven were released. *Once out of the boat, the man offers a sacrifice to the divinity which brings comfort to the divinity at the syrupy scent of the sacrifice. Now for the differences *The Babylonian tale never says why the gods chose to save the man in the story. It was pretty much dumb luck. In the Bible, Noah was a rightous man amidst a population of evil. *The boat dimensions are quite different. The boat in the story of the Babylonian flood is a cube, adjoin on all sides. While in the Bible, Noah is told to build his Ark in a 450x75x45 symmetry. This ratio is what is known to ship builders as the perfect ratio for stabilty for a boat but it was not known until the 15th century AD. The Gilgamesh boat, being equal on all sides, would have been wildly unstable and unseaworthy. *The Babylonian man took seven days to build his boat while Noah took 120 years. wherefore would such a numerology rich people use such a non-numerology number as 120 when seven was already in the story?

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