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On different cultures and traditions Essay

From the selection of poetrys represent on antithetical cultures and traditions, comp be and contrast any TWO that you receive particularly interesting or enjoyable. (you must choose poems by different poets)Presents from my aunts in Pakistan by Moniza Alvi, and assist to for my spitting by Sujata Bhatt, atomic number 18 ii poems which I have selected from the selection of poems based on different cultures and traditions. I have selected these poems, because both poems are ab step forward one person who is rec everying their m reversion country using objects and cerebrations to explain, how much they overlook their homeland, including culture.Both poets have expressed their spiritings deeply virtually their cultures and traditions, using occasions that they miss and need. For example, Moniza Alvi, in Presents from my aunts in Pakistan uses clothes, jewellery, presents, etc to express who she is. Where as, Sujata Bhatt, in, Search for my spit, uses her produce tong ue, Gujarati, of how much she misses her homeland.Also, both cultures are quite alike, so it is real easy and understandable, for me, the referee, to teach. In, the poem written by Moniza Alvi, she has used umteen delivery, which are said, exactly the same in Gujarati, and close totimes English. This shows the similarities in cultures. present are some examples from the poem* They sent me a salwar kameez* My aunts chose an apple-green sariAs Moniza Alvi wrote her complete poem in English, together with the Indian rallying crys written as English. Sujata Bhatt wrote half in English and half in Gujarati, that under each line there was a rendition in English of how to immortalize it for people who cannot read Gujarati.So, what both poets are trying to state is that, it does not matter if you are not in your own country, even if you are absent from your homeland, your culture will eternally stay with you, no matter what.Even though the ii poems are similar in most burea us, these poems differ from each other in some ways.Firstly, Moniza Alvis poem, Presents from my aunts in Pakistan is based on a fresh girl, who feels as if she is the odd one out, as she is living in England, provided wears and acts as if she was in Pakistan. However in Sujata Bhatts poem, Search for my tongue, she is saying how she thought, by living in a different country, than her homeland, she would go forth all mother tongue and every matter about her culture.A further variation, surrounded by the two poems, is that one poem is written all in English, where as the other is written half in English and half in Gujarati. Also, the poet Moniza Alvi has set out her poem in different stanzas, and sometimes she has started the frontmost of a line half way through, away from the margin. Another thing is that, she carries sentences into the next lines. While Sujata Bhatt, just wrote her poem in one eagle-eyed stanza. All of her lines were short and simple, and each line was link ed to the next, in some way, or another.Finally, another difference is that, the first poet used objects to help the reader understand the poem where as poet two used her mother tongue, Gujarati.The poet called Moniza Alvi wrote Presents from my aunts in Pakistan. Presents from my aunts in Pakistan is about a young girl who receives all types of presents, from her aunts in Pakistan. Most of these presents are things that are only, mostly worn in Pakistan. after receiving these gifts, she feels that she is very different from everyone else surrounding her, like friends from school. This is cause she dresses differently to others. This makes her feel kind of uncomfortable, because, even though she really likes these presents from her aunts, she sometimes feels, that she would like to look the same as the rest of her mates. Moniza Alvis poem is mainly cover her feelings to us by using the presents given to her, as examples. I longedfor blue jean and corduroy.My costume clung to mean d I was aflame,I couldnt rise up out of its fire,half-English,unlike Aunt Jamila.My salwar kameezdidnt impress the schoolfriendwho sat on my bed, asked to seemy weekend clothes.Above were two examples, which showed part of her feelings. In these two stanzas, it shows how she really tangle, and what she genuinely wished for, or wanted.Moniza Alvi has set this poem, Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan in England, because it is a perfect example of a foreign country, for Pakistan to be compared to. Also, the setting of a poem is very important, as it is the main scene of the poem. Another thing is that, as the poem is set in England, it helps me, the reader to understand what is happening. I also think that England was a terrific idea to set the setting, because in England there are many different types of people, which have come from other countries. This poem shows an example of a normal muslim family, which live in an area which they very familiar with, but like to carry on living as they would in Pakistan.I felt, after reading this poem a couple of times, that there is not one particular predilection set to this poem, but there is a mixture of moods. I found that, in some cases Moniza Alvi was showing a sense of sadness, in the atmosphere, but tried to make herself feel happy, by changing the subject slightly. Where as in some cases she showed a lot of happiness and pleasure in the atmosphere. An example of her sadness changing, slightly into happiness is, Candy-striped glass banglessnapped, drew blood. give care at school, fashions changedin Pakistan-At first, when I was reading this poem, I felt that she was so happy, but as I got nearly half way through the poem, I felt that this happiness was now changing into sadness, and, this is where her veritable feelings started to come out.Presents from my aunts in Pakistan is the type of poem which, when reading it, has to be read in different tones of voice. I thought that this poem went from being very settle , to, something, which was quite serious, to a child no a days.Search for tongue, written by Sujata Bhatt, is about a young lady who thinks, that, by living in a different country she will lay to rest all her homeland, cultures and traditions. Especially her mother tongue, Gujarati. In this poem she is saying that, she thought that each person had a different tongue, for each different talk to they speak. And that she thought she had disoriented her tongue forever. But one night, she says that her language comes screen to her in her sleep. Sujata Bhatt explains, in Gujarati, how your language is like a flower, which just blooms in your mouth, naturally.The main theme of this poem, I think, is that no matter where you live, your traditions and cultures, especially mother tongue, will stay with you. Search for my tongue is similar to Presents from my aunts in Pakistan. The two poems are connected mainly by religion. The following smirch about the two poems is probably half a sim ilarity, and half a difference, from my point of view. Firstly, Moniza Alvi has written her poem in English, but for the gujarati words, she has written them, so that the word is said in gujarati, but read in English, where as Sujata Bhatt has actually written part of her stanza in gujarati, but to help the reader read the gujarati, she has, underneath written the word in English, so it is written in English, but said in gujarati.The tone of this poem is sort of the opposite of the first poem, as Search for my tongue is like a question, declaration poem, as she asks a question, through her poem, but does not actually want you to answer it. Below is an example of my question, answer theory, from the poem,I ask you, what would you doif you had two tongues in your mouth,Search for my tongue is set in Sujata Bhatts dream. This is where she is explaining how she thinks everything has come back to her, through a dream. Also, the mood of this poem is quite different to the first as, this entire poem is filled with enjoyment, and happiness, where as the first poem was a happy feeling poem, hidden with sadness. From these points mentioned, there are many differences between the two. To begin with, one poem was set in their dreams, as the other was set in England. Secondly, the first poem was all about a young child feeling really upset, and different, where as the second poem is about a young lady, thinking she has lost an important part of her, but has it all along.Presents from my aunts in Pakistan was written in first person. As the poem was written in first person, it do me, the reader to understand the poem, quite easily. Because if the same poem was written in second or third person, it would be very difficult for the reader to understand it. It would also become very confusing, where as, this way everything is short and simple. In the first poem, Moniza Alvi has used many adjectives to describe all the gifts she has received. This helps, me, the reader to rec kon the image in my mind. From doing this, it helps give a better understanding of what the poet is talking about. Below are a few examples of, Moniza Alvi describing her clothes, which she received.

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