Sunday, August 25, 2019

Write a letter protesting an injustice Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Write a letter protesting an injustice - Essay Example ted the indiscriminate use of terror to ward off unwanted and defenseless residents, women and children alike, from a land conceived as a defender and a refuge of the oppressed. Back home, in a poor country in the south where I came from, life in America is everyone’s dream. It seems to be the only passport to a better and a more comfortable life. It seems to be the only place that holds the promise of a secure future, and the way out of poverty. I can still remember how my parents and the other elders in the family implanted in me the vision of living a prosperous life in America and set before me the mission to finish my studies and work in America. Later I discovered that the vision and mission America is not only for me, it is a common direction shared by most families hopeful of a good future for the entire family. Getting here was not easy, and for many of us who have been working here for years, reaching America cost our families some fortune, some relationships, some life. There are those who sell properties or parcel of land to finance travel expenses and the cost of living here while looking for an employer. There are those who left behind aging parents, spouses, young children, and siblings. There are those who risked their lives crossing borders in search of an asylum and escape from oppression or slavery. Most are wishfully hoping that after a time, with the green card or with favorable circumstances, all would be reunited and lived a good life in the land of the free. There is this dark side of couples and families separated for quite a long time. Such long separation created a vacuum, an emotional void making one vulnerable to temptation, to infidelity, and thus breaking up what used to be a strong and happy family. As this happened, the children suffer, and left behind to fend for themselves. The long period of separation disintegrated the family, the very basic unit of society. The hope of a bright future and the American dream suddenly

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