Saturday, August 3, 2019

A Students Comments on the United States Marine Corps Website :: Sell Websites Buy Web Sites

A Student's Comments on the United States Marine Corps Website The ritual of Marine boot camp can be found at the website titled United States Marine Corps. This is a website devoted obviously to the United States Marine Corps. It is the official recruitment and information site of the Marines and is directed toward those who are interested in the military organization and would like more information. The site begins with a small movie introduction and then is organized into three categories that are under the titles â€Å"those who are warriors†, â€Å"those who are driven†, and â€Å"those who belong†. These categories go in depth about the history and beliefs held by the Marines. It also shows the hard work and aspects of boot camp in Parris Island, South Carolina. This web site is considered a credible reference. It has been developed by the United States corps">Marine Corps military organization. The credentials are based on the background of the U.S. Marines and the U.S. government. There is not apparent documentation on the web site stating the latest updates and the history of past updates; however, there is a copyright on the site for year 2003 made to the U.S. Marine Corps. The information, since made by the U.S. Marines, is accurate and verifiable with the government and the U.S. Marines. There is complete coverage of the topic of becoming a part of the Marines and it is straightforward on its bias to promote the Marines’ military defense in favor of others. The fulfilled criteria prove that the site is credible to use for research. For a website to be appropriately used in a research paper, the site must be organized to easily access information that is needed on the site. On the site United States Marine Corps, the topics are arranged in categories and then sub categories that relate to the larger category. It is easy to read through the options available on the side navigation bar and by scrolling over pictures for links about the U.S. Marines within the website. There is also a HTML version of the website in the case flash movies cannot be seen on the computer the audience is on.

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