Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Kinesiology Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Kinesiology - Research Paper Example Once the cause is identified, the bad feelings associated with emotional stress can be eliminated. An approach approved to the management of emotional stress is kinesiology. Through the technique of Emotional Stress Relief (ESR), a victim of emotional stress can quickly achieve calmness, clearly thinking and effective functioning in stressful, traumatic or high-pressure situations (Hoffman, 2008). If applied with the guidance of a health care professional, Emotional Stress Relief (ESR) is an effective kinesiology technique to achieve calmness, clear thinking and optimal functioning in an emotionally stressed person. This paper discusses the effective use of ESR to manage the signs and symptoms of emotional stress, including fight and flight responses to situations, paralysis responses, fear, and uncontrolled anger. If applied with professional guidance, ESR has numerous benefits for emotionally stressed persons. The benefits of ESR to the reader are numerous. Mainly, ESR releases muscle tension, increases flexibility, and improves the energy levels, accompanied by simple pain relief (Wilmore et al., 2006). ESR has also been proved to result in improved posture and breathing as well as the relaxation of muscles such as jaw muscles. By extension, the relaxation of muscles may help in attainment of migraine relief. Overall, ESR has the potential to improve and maintain an individual’s health in general. Importantly, ESR improves self-esteem and confidence and reduces mood swings. Besides, the technique stabilizes emotions, making it an effective stress management method. It also improves the diet to help a tress person’s food intake meet the body’s unique needs. The kinesiology approach to stress management entails the use of body muscles and movements (Wolf et al., 2006). It focuses on addressing emotional stress as a whole-body phenomenon. Kinesiology has the advantage o f being versatile, thus universally applicable. In

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