Monday, August 19, 2019

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â€Å"Courage is fire and bullying is smoke.†--Benjamin Disraeli. Bullying is more connected to smoke than just as aftermath. Bullying, compared to smoke, is widespread and causes destruction in every life it touches. The tormentor envelopes their victim in fear and a sense of uneasiness that cannot be divided into categories--such as some websites claim--but instead, one because all the bully can do is connected to his or her victim in one way or another. Bullying touches many people in close proximity to one another . In fact, recent surveys have found that approximately 60 percent of students enrolled in middle school have been bullied in some form (Statistics: Is Bullying). The facts show that once started, bullying is incredibly difficult to stop, and wreaks havoc in every life it touches. Bullying affects middle school students in numerous ways. Some of the most common being physically, emotionally, and academically. Bullying, such as smoke, can cause serious health problems to students in middle school. Many bullies choose to physically harm their victims in a form of bullying called physical bullying. â€Å"Physical bullying involves real bodily contact between a bully and his or her victim for the express purpose of intimidation or control over the victim† (What Is Physical). This interaction develops into a feeling of satisfaction for the bully because their have done what they intended to accomplish--establish anxiety into the life of the suffer. However, the pain does not end there for some students. Many students suffer from imperfections in their bodies due to the physical contact. Some of which includes bruises, cuts, and scars, leaving a constant reminder of middle school for the rest of their lives. Physical bullyi... ... who are repeatedly bullied receive poorer grades and participate less in class discussions. Some students may get labeled as low achievers because they do not want to speak up in class for fear of getting bullied. Teachers can misinterpret their silence, thinking that these students are not motivated to learn† (Wolpert). Without doing well in school, many students are hurting their chances to be successful in life. Bullying causes a students to feel like they do not have fulfillment in their lives. Because of bullying, many students suffer. Because of bullying, many middle school students suffer in more than one area, just as smoke can affect a persons health in more than one area. It affect student’s body, mind, and school work. To help correct this, peers need to step up if they see someone being bullied, for the health of the bully, victim, and community.

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