Thursday, August 8, 2019

E-Recruiting Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

E-Recruiting - Research Paper Example E-recruitment is also referred to as online recruitment (Briscoe, 2012). The job applicants are expected to forward a CV together with the cover letter through online platforms. The job advertisers retrieve the CV and screen it (Schweyer, 2004). This procedure applies to multiple candidates seeking to fill the same position. This method differs with the traditional form of recruitment that used involve paper work, travelling and interviewing. Technology allows online interviews and selection processes. Studies show that over 55 percent of software developers and engineers recruited in the United States followed the online procedure. Majority of the engineers came from India and were interviewed through video conferencing and online testing (Hopkins & Markham, 2003). This has allowed companies to get the best skills from the global market. E-recruitment is not effective when there is a vital need for physical interactions with the clients or interviewees. The striking advantage of e-r ecruitment is the enhancement of access (Schweyer, 2004). The applicants can overcome geographical barriers when it comes to applying for a job. The process gives the applicants instant replies unlike the traditional systems (Hopkins & Markham, 2003). As more people gain access to technology, e-recruitment is growing at a fast rate. It has made the processing of employees data faster and efficient (Hopkins & Markham, 2003). Modern organizations use agencies that adversities vacancies at cost effective prices (Briscoe, 2012). A telling example is Nike which has gained tremendously from the installation of the software ‘active recruiter’. This helped reduced the time of refilling vacancies by almost a month. Resumes can be stored in large data bases and information is seldom lost. The process of mitigating unwanted results involves ensuring foolproof software is used in the e-recruitment process. Each applicant is treated as a potential employee (Briscoe, 2012). Therefore , the online platform used in the recruitment process is designed to ensure that job applicant reveals their potential and vision for the applied position. This entails having installation of effective and efficient data base software and the use of competent personnel (Hopkins & Markham, 2003). The software ensures that recruiter is part of the process and applicants have active and responsive profile pages on websites (Brewster, 2003). The online system for recruitment sends automated messages to the applicants after some duration (Juana-Espinosa, 2012). This ensures the system remains updated. Studies show that e-recruitment has saved over 50 percent of recruitment costs. Mitigating unintended results Organizations must ensure they use competent staff in carrying out the online procedures (Hopkins & Markham, 2003). The human resource information systems should be customized to meet the goals and expectation of the company (Brewster, 2003). HRIS should encourage a response and int eractive environment between the employees, management and job applicants. The information technology department should recommend the most efficient software through careful research and recommendations (Hopkins & Markham, 2003). Organizations through invest is secure systems to ensure that the hackers have to access to private information. An increasing number of organizations are becoming vulnerable to cyber attacks. It is recommended that organizations develop means of

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