Friday, August 23, 2019

Literatrure Review Research Paper on Teen Pregnancy in the UK Case Study

Literatrure Review Research Paper on Teen Pregnancy in the UK - Case Study Example These contraceptives have been found to be used only after the individuals have become sexually active, and this has created a situation where unwanted pregnancies are barely prevented in this state. It has further been found that of all the pregnancies that take place in the United Kingdom, nearly half of them are unplanned and of these, almost a quarter are terminated, while thirty eight percent end up being unwanted children (DiCenso, Guyatt, Willan & Griffith 2002, p.1426). The abortion rate in the United Kingdom is among the highest in the developed world, only being surpassed by Canada and the United States; a fact which can be said to be serious indeed. Despite the fact that Britain takes for granted its progress in maternal health, because of its substantial improvement over the years, it still has the challenge of teenage pregnancies to consider. Teenage pregnancy in the United Kingdom can be considered an area that is a very serious public health problem that has to be effe ctively tackled if prevention is to be achieved. The detrimental social and health results that tend to accompany unplanned teenage pregnancy have over the years come to be realised in the United Kingdom. Despite the fact that birth rates amongst teenagers have dropped considerably in many areas of Europe, the opposite has been taking place in Britain, whose rates are considered the highest in Europe. ... It has therefore become necessary to make a study of the causes and effects of teenage pregnancies in the United Kingdom since it is an ideal environment where such a study can be conducted in the developed world. Literature Review The growing problem of teenage pregnancies, most of them unwanted, in the United Kingdom, has come to raise a lot of concern to such an extent where plenty of literature is being written about. Most of the new literature about this phenomenon not only focuses on the development of statistics, but they also focus on the causes, effects, as well as the possible solutions that can be developed to curb this problem. In previous years, the literature written concerning teen pregnancies often ignored the psychosocial problems that these cases often cause for those teenage mothers involved. Among the psychosocial problems that often plague teenage mothers are the following; the interruption of their education, the limitation of their job opportunities, the separa tion that develops between the teenage mother and her child’s father, and finally, the increased risk of repeat pregnancies (Silles 2011, p.766). It has been recognised that the causes of teenage pregnancies are quite diverse and complex in a number of ways which include pressure from older partners, a lack of sex education, a delay of the use of contraceptives, as well as the failure of contraceptives after they have been used (Chevalier & Viitanen 2003, p.325). In Britain, it has been found that there is extensive geographical disparity, with the highest rate of teenage pregnancies being among girls in Barnsley, Doncaster, and southeast London. This case can be distinguished from that in eastern Surrey, which has for the most part, low

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