Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Management in Businees Administation Research Paper - 1

Management in Businees Administation - Research Paper Example Likewise, I being the manager, I had to be confident and presumptuous. Equally important, I had to be enthusiastic, charming, passion and pontificated. I had to have an ability to support others and spearhead solutions in a problem-solving manner. Evenly, I had to drive to support others and spearhead solutions that would solve problems. Similarly, I had to have a desire to serve others, be respectful, sensitive to their needs and expectations, and nurture ability become a passive manager. As well, I had to have prior knowledge on how the industry operates, by having passion, for continued growth and perfection. Studies by Kozakiewicz (2014, p. 186), also taught me how to encompass all positive characteristics and qualities that encapsulate the desirable manager. I have with time managed to develop authentic skills. This has helped me to relinquish all the self-imposed pressure to perform or look good and manage in a healthy manner. For instance, I learned how different departments work. As such, I had to follow a path that encompasses the entire coaching system. I have to take the time to craft the right questions in order to get the salespeople involved in the conversation. As part of the passion, I have to deliver value in every conversation and honor what other people are doing inside the organization. Per se, I will encounter little resistance and only minor pushback when it is time to hold people accountable for the goals and results. As well, the academia has solidified my abilities to become a genuine humble leader who embraces vulnerabilities. Backed by Zawadzki (2013, p. 18), I believe that I am driven by the higher self to deliver value and make an impact instead of being ego. I as well came to note that I had an ability to be true about myself without attempting to emulate other people. I, therefore, plan to use tools and approaches that complement and align with my personality. This plan will include values, talents, strengths

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