Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Sustainable Management Futures Specimen Examination Essay

Sustainable Management Futures Specimen Examination - Essay Example The virtue theory explains about the morals behaviors which should be followed in the society. It argues that child labor is no longer good because in the developing world, they employ the child with less than 18 years hence they violate the laws. Children rights should be honored in every developing country though may not follow the law of the government and that is the reason why child labor is increasing instead of reducing. According to this theory, 2002, the cocoa boycott came in to practice the children placed in the plantation inform of labor. Mean while, the plantation was banned and then child labor stopped immediately. According to all the theories, there should be an effective and efficient strategy set-aside to protect the child labor from exploitation because no child who is allowed to work. b) Rawls Theory of Justice In this article, a value comes from the people in the society, and â€Å"therefore† justice is termed as a provision for entire basis in every indiv idual. Some of the circumstances may force a human being to face some of the conditions with out the moral justice and judgment demands. Rawls arguments are based on the side of the system of justice where the idea of an individual is based on the area of his or her fate. Therefore, human beings deserve the ways of achieving their doings hence the provision of human rights should be maintained in the society. This is because of the commencing time which will really determine one fate. c) Ideological Ethics According the philosophers, they defined ideological ethics as a right for all human beings to make decisions and follow the moral values that pertains them. This theory states that child labour at this level is illegal because it affects the ability and also physical development of the child especially when the child is used as prostitution or drug trafficking in the society. This action firstly violates the law naturally because these children are supposed to be in learning inst itution. d) Teleological Ethics The philosophers try to have a concern on what happens after the moral dimension in an individual. This is compared to the consequences after the good doings of the ethical values in the society. This theory determines what comes after the moral values in the society done by individuals. The code of morality in the society is advocated inform of a natural duty performed by all man made creature in the society. According to this theory, children are not supposed to work under any condition because it is termed as an illegal to the law and a way of violating the laws in the government. The aim of the Teleological ethics is to promote the nature in relation to individual actions to be good at the end of the outcome (Baker 2012). a) Definition of Sustainable Development The sustainable development is the development that helps in achieving the needs of the present time without the relating to the ability of the future generation in meeting their own needs . These needs are termed to be the poor conditions in the world. The main aim of the sustainable development is to solve the problem in the environment and come up with the solutions of meeting the future needs. According to the common future in the environment, the

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