Sunday, September 8, 2019

Discuss a new technology or recent technological change Article

Discuss a new technology or recent technological change - Article Example According to a research, â€Å"7 out of 10 kids in households with tablets use them on a regular basis (Nielsen defines â€Å"kids† as those aged 12 or younger). This is a 9% increase from stats reported a year ago† (Wolford, 2012). Children’s use of tablets is growing particularly in the first world countries and this has many implications on their psychological, physical, and social development. My motivation to write this paper comes from the fact that I have a son that is only four and a half years old and has a tablet that he uses at least three hours a day. I think that is too much for a child only that old. I often think if I should take steps to limit my child’s interaction with the tablet, but I am equally worried about the fact that this might stop my child from learning its use and acquainting himself with the fundamentals of the technology that he would be frequently encountering in the future. I think the sooner he learns these things, the better it would be for him in the future throughout his education and career. I tend to make sure that my child goes out for playing for some time to nurture his body physically and facilitate its growth. I also make sure to spend some time with my child when I monitor his home work and narrate him stories so that his connection with his family or the normal development style traditionally experienced by the children is not lost. Today, entertainment is omnipresent but good entertainment is scanty. The solution to the problem is not to limit children’s access to tablets, but to provide them with such programs and games on them that are not only entertaining and engaging, but are also educational for them. In a way, a new educational system needs to be regulated in which education is conveyed to the children through the tablets not necessarily related to the curriculum they should study at a particular point in time since schools serve that

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