Thursday, September 26, 2019

Summary Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 137

Summary - Essay Example It is argued that probability can be used in the game by always betting on the same color.This, according to the author, increases winning chances. When one looses, the article argues that the next bet should be doubled until the next win (Thomson, 2009). The second idea is card counting in casino games where it is argued that keeping track of discarded cards to know what is left increases winning chances. The article goes ahead to discuss the use of probability in lottery and bookie games. In lottery it is claimed that chances of winning and increased by choosing unpopular numbers. Spreading bets between two bookies is also argued to increase chances of success (Thomson, 2009). I do not agree with the author’s idea of spreading bets between bookies in order to increase the chances of winning. According to the author this strategy works because the bets of the two bookies are normally not equal and they try to make the other not to win. I don not agree with this because of the fact that this defensive tactic is rarely used. In as much as players try to prevent the other from not winning, the majority focus on maximizing their success the same way the one who places his or her bet between the bookies does. This therefore means that if the third party plays safe, he has an equal chance of losing and winning and therefore the argument that he has higher winning chances seems invalid in my

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