Friday, September 13, 2019

Rail construction project failure Research Paper

Rail construction project failure - Research Paper Example The rail transport in this country is underdeveloped with rail transportation accounting for less that 1% of the land transportation (Oluwakiyesi 2011). It has been found out that non-utilization of competent consultants and contractors, inconsistencies in government policies, defective cash flow, and inadequate monitoring are the major cause of failure of projects in this country (Ololusi & Otunola 2012). However, the government and other stakeholders have been very slow to react and thus the problem continues to be evident. Morocco on the other hand is an African country that has been able to construct its railway system with all odds. It has recently pursued an upgrading of its rail network to meet the expectations of the customers and aspirations of economic operators (ADB 2011). This indicate that unlike other countries whose rail network rate back in the colonial period, most of the rail networks in Morocco are current. The reason for this is the several successful railway cons truction projects done in this country. The development of the railways in this country is associated with its collaboration with other Arab countries. This collaboration has been assisting Morocco to pull together massive capital investments at the beginning of the railway construction projects thus making them successful. According to Mawared (2012), the forming of community with other countries has aided economic growth in this country thus enhancing success of railway construction projects. b) Statement of the problems Railway construction experiences various problems. According to Lucas (2004), the board and management of railway construction programs find it difficult to keep the programs going at full speed. This causes the railway network in most of the country to stagnate or under-develop. This is one of the problems that will be addressed by this the research we propose. No research has been done to address this problem and that is why this research will be of importance. The other problem is about the funding of railway construction projects. The funding of these projects has been found to be beyond the capability of the government and stakeholders involved (Foch 2012). Very few researches have attempted to solve this problem and they have not been able to provide an appropriate solution to the problem. Therefore, there is a need to design a mean that could be used to fund such projects. Moreover, these projects are not only influenced by financial factors but also by social and environmental factors (COWI 2012). This problem has been avoided for years and that is why we have decided to undertake this research to address it. There is a need to establish some of those factors that might be causing the projects to fail so that to avoid their failures in the future. This will be a third problem that will be addressed by the proposed research. c) Research hypotheses The large sizes of railway construction projects make the projects complicated thus cont ributing to their failures. The large cost involved in the railway construction projects is the major cause of their failures. Other factors like socio-economic and environmental factors also play a great role in causing failure of railway construction projects. Lack of collaboration between the people involved in the r

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