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Counselors as companions and Ethnics in human Services report Essay Example for Free

Counselors as companions and Ethnics in human Services report Essay From Tragedy to Triumph: Counselor as Companion on the Hero’s Journey By: Richard W. Halstead The ethical standards for the human service professionals from the national organization of human service professionals. Some things that I believe that the counselor has learned from Steve are never say what a person with a disability can’t do. Also I think he learned that may impaired people tend to look at being normal like everyone else instead of pushing toward a goal in life and becoming successful with it. Another thing that I think the counselor learned from Steve was that never judge anyone by the disability of a person, because they can accomplish anything in life that they put their minds to. Some of the counselor’s behaviors that may have changed since working with Steve is that he learned that many people that have come in contact with a problem can overcome obstacles in many different way and that never thing a person with a disability can’t achieve something that he wants in life. Also after the talk with the psychiatrist, the counselor started using his thinking skills more. As it said in paragraph seven on the second page of this article,† The Psychiatrist had, unwittingly, provided me (The counselor) with what I thought might serve to propel Steve to the next milestone on his journey†. (Halstead Richard W. Pg2). It made the counselor want to encourage Steve even more to achieve his goal and prove the doctors wrong. I really do think that the people I come in contact with change me in some way by making me really see what is going on with them and make me determine to help them overcome that obstacle in life. Also it makes me want to be there for them more to help them, because nobody should have to go through a problem alone. When you help someone in life like it says on page one of this article, the counselor had met Steve who was struggling to regain a life taken a way, the counselor was confronted with trying to understand his role in the process, and over time they both found their way through the problem. (Halstead, Richard W. Pg1). We as people in the human service field will have several different problems that we run in to with our clients and we have to use our critical thinking skill and our references that we have to help that person through their problems as well as learn from our work. Steve was changed as a result of this relationship by determining that being normal wasn’t as important as achieving his goal of getting a college degree in his field that he had chosen. Everyone isn’t normal and we should try to work towards being normal, we should try and work towards our goals just like Steve can to realize. Steve has benefited from this relationship tremendously with the help of the counselor and the principle of the college he was able to finish school 5 years later, but he had his degree under his belt, as well as being offered a job writing and helping other people through their problems as well. One ethnical issue that may lead me as a human service professional to review the ethical standards would be that a client is recently diagnosed with the HIV virus. He is very upset and crying his eyes out wanting to commit suicide and threatens to kill the guy that he thinks gave it to him before he does. How I can resolve any ethical concerns is by looking in the ethical standards and look over what its say to do in a case like this, but on the other hand try to calm the client down and give him as much support and help needed by weighing out the outcomes of the situation. Also I would look up something using my reference skills that could maybe ease him a little about the situation and make him think different. On the other hand me as a psychologist I have to refer to the ethical standards for human services professions and take the stand. In the ethical standards for human service professionals it states under statements three and four that me as a human service professionals have to keep the clients information confidential with others that, but have to breech the confidentiality of the client and consider seeking supervision because the client is trying to harm himself as well as others. The national organization of human services ethical standards are very important to follow as I begin to work with individuals, families, groups, and communities, because it will tell me what I need to do if I feel there is something that could take place and how to go about doing it as well. References 1. Halstead, R. W. (2000). From Tragedy to Triumph: Counselor as Companion on the Heros Journey. Counseling Values, 44(2), 100. 2. National Organization of Human Service Professionals.Ethical Standards for the Human Service Professionals.Retrieved from:

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