Thursday, May 9, 2019

Why object Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Why object - Essay Examplethe official mapping of the Census is to count everyone for the purpose of congressional representation.1 Taxation only with representation is the basis of Americas break from England. The numerate is likewise good for tracing statistical data, which helps fight poverty, determines if enough food supplies are available for the incumbent population, and helping stack with trace their genealogy. These are some of the helpful uses for the number.The intentions of censuses are good, but censuses behind also be deplorable. In America, the census does non just count people for representation it gathers information on the race of the population. One author states It is the United States, however, that has the longest continuous history of placing its entire population into mutually exclusive racial categories based on pseudo-scientific theories.2 Although segregation ended during the Civil Rights Movement, the American census has never caught up. One autho r even suggests the Census established the official tradition of collecting racial data. The purpose was far from benign. It is no accident that this decade witnessed the most intense attempts to build a nonintegrated racial order.3 The categories of race used by the census are wrong. Other organizations could place people in races, but the American Census Bureau should only count people.The consequences of racial grouping can be deadly. Nazi Germany proved that. The Nazis conducted two censuses one in 1933, then one in 1939. Without these censuses, the Nazis would not have been to methodically roundup the Jews, leading to the death of six million.4 If Germanys 1933 and 1939 censuses would have only counted people, not race, the Nazis would have had a harder time in identifying Jews.If used for statistical purposes, or for congressional representation, the census is good. The racial aspect of the census needs to be reconsidered. Like so many other governmental practices in America , the census

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