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Chinas One Child Policy Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

mainland Chinas One Child Policy - Research Paper ExampleAdditionally, Chinas compulsory one-child people law was implemented in 1980. The same law punishes p bents for having more than one child. The scientists from the Ministry of Aeronautics and Astronautics plane section initially proposed the Chinas 1980 compulsory one-child commonwealth policy. The scientists capitalized on their rocket construction concepts to prove their claim that Chinas compulsory one-child population policy will greatly benefit the residents. The family having less than two children puzzle fewer rearing responsibilities. The parents have fewer development up expenses to make in terms of the childrens educational needs. Scientific experiments are based on limited evidences. The scientists base their findings on the ga thered evidences during the research. The Song Jian group of scientist incorporated their missile technology expertise to come up with Chinas compulsory one-child population policy. The D eng Xiaoping China government leaders were persuade by the scientific research findings of Song Jians group.Chinas compulsory one-child population policy was crafted based on some missile scientists many years of population-based findings. The findings were based on their 1960s and 1970s researches. The up-to-the-minute China government under President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao prioritizes human rights and the value of people in enhancing the authoritatively favorable China economy Human rights includes the right to have a second child (Chen 403). The current China government encourages the grassroots level people to vigorously contribute to the nations current favorable global economic environment. The policy change was expected. The government leaders during the 1950s, 1960s were most soldiers. During Deng Xiapings 1980s, Chairman Deng Xiaoping persuaded Chinas engineers to help in the political management of Chinas growing population. Starting in 1990, the government l eaders were composed of economics and public administration graduates. The graduates were managing Chinas control of the normal Chinese citizens lives (Chen 403).Chinas one child policy created a sex imbalance in China (Li, Hongbin, Zhang, Junsen, Yi, Junjian 1535). The one-child China population policy generated a population situation where there were 104 boys more for every 100 girls during the 1980s. The research further indicated that there were 107 boys for every 100 girls during the 1991 to 2005 era. The primary entropy came from Chinas official statistics-based department, the China Health and Nutrition Survey. China Chairman Deng Xiaopings stark naked one child policy focused on reducing the population in order because of the uncommon food and other natural resources (Wong 1161). During Dengs 1980 leadership, several China quarters opposed the one-child policy get-go in 1980. The policy drastically curved the uncontrollably ballooning Chinese population. Abortions, effe cts of Chinas compulsory one-child people Policy Chinas compulsory one-child population policy was implemented through forced terminateions (Mosher 1558). The pregnant women were forced to abort their prohibited unborn children. The government forced the helpless women to abort their child during different stages of the mothers pregnancy. Many women had no other recourse but to comply with the

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