Saturday, May 4, 2019

Internet and Digital Marketing Communications Essay

Internet and Digital Marketing Communications - Essay ExampleDropbox Company is a family that designs a service to share and sync files over the internet between personal computers. It is a downloadable application. through and through it, the users can easily share and synchronize files across smart phones and personal computers. The club is located in San Francisco, United States. The company further offers the nodes with specific tasks, which include collaboration on office documents, running a startup and backing up photos. Despite the success of the company, the past few years has proven ambitious to the management and the entire company. During this time, the company experienced a crisis management problem and lost many of its customers, devising the image of the company to be tarnished. The company has since then taken a major step to allure back the customers improve the image of the company as well as attracting perspective customers. Despite these salient services to the users, users pull in been asking for new features. Most of these features violate the commitment of the company to offer a simple product that is also easy-to-use. Therefore, Dropbox needs to go beyond syncing and file sharing so that it targets the customer needs. This is the only way it can stay the course. This short letter has raised the need for the company to take the company back to its previous performance or to even high heights. The selling department of this company has been pointed to have the most world-shaking role in this activity. This is because this department has a major responsibility in guiding. and lead-in the some other departments of the company in the development, production, fulfilling the products and the services to the customers. Marketing communication Marketing communication is a outline that refers to the process of creating awareness, reminding or/and persuading customers of a product or a service (Yeshin, 2002). Marketing communication i s significant in influencing a buyers purchasing decision. Integrated marketing communication (IMC), on the other hand, refers to judicious and the effective use of promotional tools of a product in passing a communicate across to the customers or potential customers (Yeshin, 2002). The effect of IMC to the existing and prospective customers is often noticeable. This is because the framework of IMC involves the interaction of incompatible marketing communication elements, which have potential to improve or trigger other communication media to founder (Belch and Belch, 2003). A marketing plan is important in attaining success in marketing. This is because it enables a company and its marketing team to focus on the marketing process. A marketing plan can be vigilant using different approaches. However, there are key stages to these different approaches. These key stages are contained in an acronym SOSTC, that is, situation analysis, objectives, strategies, tactics, and control (Re id, 2003). Integrated marketing communication is an aggressive marketing strategy that aims to capture and use enormous amount of information about customers to set and track marketing strategy

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