Friday, May 31, 2019

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TOWNHOME RENOVATION PROJECTObjectiveIn order to enhance and adjoin the value of my home, renovating and upgrading mytown home will increase its value once and if I decide to sell, and provide me with a comfortable place to call home. This dictation of work is a narrative description of the work required for upgrading my town home. The selection criterion was based on quality of work, reliability, rapport, and on- term performance. My objective is to keep the hail within my budget to one that I will be comfortable with. Based on research and cost estimates, I will benefit from the social clubs work. The customer, foundation Depot, and installers must agree on the following Understand tasks assigned to her/him and commit to realistic specifications and deadlines. The installers must show up on time and be prepared for work STATEMENT OF WORKSCOPE OF WORKThe sub-tasked departments of this project are Home Depots carpet installers and kitchen cabinet installers. The Home Depot will provide the following specifications to the customer1.1Specifications1.1.1. In-home inspections, measurement and pre-construction conference1.1.2.Site visit by installer to review project with customer1.1.3.Removal of cabinets, laminate countertops and die1.1.4.Install new cabinets, laminate countertops, scribe and corner moldings filler strips, toe kicks, and cabinet hardware1.1.5.Disconnect and reconnect plumbing and venting to existing service in akin location1.1.6.Replacement of plumbing (trap, shut-off valves and supply tubes within 3 of existing plumbing)1.1.7.Daily clean-up of job site, bagging debris to curbside1.1.8.Final inspection with customer1.1.9. lifespan warranty on labor2.1. Rip-up existing carpet & cushion & haul away2.1.1.Delivery of merchandise2.1.2.Tack and cushion or glue brush up carpet2.1.3.Flat and tap down metal transition2.1.4.Clean-up of job site and bagging to curbside2.1.5.... ...ate from any specification or term of the Specifications, the Supplier shall free to the customer an Engineering Change Request (ECR) setting forthIdentification of Statement of Work The description and justification of the change requested An assessment of the match of the change on the programmatic, costs, functional and performance requirements of the (Work) at any level BUDGETEstimated total cost of work to include merchandise and labor = $6881.87. period of time OF DELIVERYAll documents and material shipped as a result of this Statement of Work shall be sent to the Project OfficeURLINE M. RICHARDSON4606 Colonel Fenwick PlaceUpper Marlboro, MD 20772CONCLUSION This project will be flexible to allow tradeoffs for cost, time, and quality. Upfront coordination and planning will alleviate any tradeoffs but we must always be open to conflicts. Address the work that is required, timeframe needed, and make certain the work that is accomplished is agreeable by all to ensure proper requirements and deadlines will be met.

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