Monday, May 6, 2019

Theological Reflections Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Theological Reflections - Research Paper ExampleRather, they accept the servants of Christ to utilize different degrees of loading2. The forthcoming co-worker appreciation dinner will require change magnitude levels of commitment that seek to go beyond charity. Rather, it will be important to recognize the workers for their unwavering commitment to the Sisters of Mercys mission, their hospitality, and their service. As Catholic employers, Mercy has the ability to bear witness support for their short(p) and worst p facilitate co-workers through exhibit discriminative option for the poor and vulnerable, as well as showing respect for their dignity. The P denotativeial Option for the Poor and Vulnerable The theological concepts of dignity and providing preferential treatment for the poor argon concepts that have of all time been at the forefront of our core values and mission at Mercy. Providing preferential treatment for societys poor also applies to lowly paid co-workers at Mer cy, as well. It is our intuitive feeling that touching the needy is akin to touching Jesus Christ. The last judgment has an essential role to prevail in our traditional Catholic faith especially because the church teaches that we stand judged by what we elect to be given out towards the prisoners, homeless, sick, thirsty, and hungry3. In modern times, the church building teaches us the same through the preferential option for the poor. ... We ar asked to do this by the church and failure to do so will break the required equipoise that holds society as one, which will be to the detriment of the whole society4. Preferential treatment for the poor is referent to the trend of giving preference to the life and wellbeing of societys powerless and poor, as we are taught by the commands of God, the Church, as well as righteous people and prophets. Christ himself spoke to us most judgment day, contending that God will seek to know from each one of us what we did in aid of the poor and the needy5. He told us that whatever we do for the least of his brothers, we did for him, which is also reflected in the canon laws of our come Church. Catholic faithful, the law tells us, are obliged to go out and promote justice for all in society and that we must remain mindful of the Lords precept to help those who are in need and poor. Nevertheless, how does the appreciation dinner at Mercy accomplish this? The quoted doctrine asks us as Catholics to show compassion and solidarity with the poor through our deeds, as well as our prayers. For this reason, when instituting either measures at Mercy, it is essential that we always ensure to keep at the forefront the preferential option for the poor. The doctrines implications are that any societys, including Mercy, moral test lies in how we treat our poor and vulnerable members6. We are asked to ensure that the policies and activities at Mercy must factor in the vulnerable and the poor. Pope Francis has begun his journey with teac hings on why the Church must now become one with the poor. He has taught love for the needy, the sick, prisoners,

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