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Children of Heaven Analysis Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Children of Heaven Analysis - Movie critical review ExampleEven though the son is a small child himself, it is the family value in the refining depicted in the convey that compels him to feel responsible for his younger sister (Majidi and Esfandiari, 1998). The girl also looks up to him as a protector and as the one who can solve all of her problems (Majidi and Esfandiari, 1998). The father of the boy is depicted as a low laborer who loves his family and children and is always thinking about ways to meliorate their lives (Majidi and Esfandiari, 1998). Though the father seems to be unmindful to the words of the boy when the boys asks him to buy a pair of raiments for his sister, towards the end of the film, the father is seen returning with a newly bought pair of shoes (Majidi and Esfandiari, 1998). This is other example of the hold fast and concern that runs deep within this family. The social network in the neighborhood in which the boy and his family lives is presented in the film as a closely knit community where everybody knows everybody and the general mood is of friendly coexistence. The shoemaker seen in the first scene is very cordial with the boy (Majidi and Esfandiari, 1998). ... There is munificence sprinkled throughout this film as if suggesting that people are normally good. Apart from the small vices like the grocer not using his slowness machine to weigh the vegetable he sells to the boy, the people depicted in this film are primarily simple and harmless. When the girl loses one of her shoes in the sewage canal, the stranger who sees her crying, come to help (Majidi and Esfandiari, 1998). He along with another laborer saves her shoe from the sewage canal (Majidi and Esfandiari, 1998). They urgently attend to her problem retributory because they are also poor people and know how valuable even an worn out shoe can be for a poor little girl in their neighborhood. Similarly, the rich man who pays just about extra money to the father of the boy and girl for the mending work that he does in his garden, represents another example of goodness inherent to the community (Majidi and Esfandiari, 1998). By sharing his toys with the workers son, the rich mans grandson also adds his share to this kindness (Majidi and Esfandiari, 1998). In totality, the film presents poverty and hope as two synchronizing notes in the symphony of humanistic existence. The physical settings of the film depict a semi-urban neighborhood where poverty coexists along with moderate wealth. The school is presented as a space that instills hope for future. The boy protagonist is a bright student despite his poor background (Majidi and Esfandiari, 1998). The place he lives presents rather austere livelihood options for his community (Majidi and Esfandiari, 1998). Yet there is a cleanliness visible in the small world of the poor people here (Majidi and Esfandiari, 1998). Whether it be the oven scene where swag is baked, the

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