Friday, April 19, 2019

Secluded Paradise in the Community Park Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Secluded heaven in the Community Park - Essay ExampleMany other oaks look like them, provided somehow I know these two more intimately. My special place pertains to that hollow under these trees, my stimulate secluded paradise. These trees and all other elements in my sanctuary refresh my mind and body, help me reflect and deoxidizek, and ignite my motivations in life. The pin oak leaves contain colourise that simmer outwards and the breeze refreshes with greenery scents these inwrought elements revitalize my drained mind and body. The demands of school, spielplace, and social relationships can be grueling. They crisscross and cut me inside, for whenever I call for to spread myself as thickly as possible, I only spread like a thin wafer across multiple activities. After exams and other tiring activities, I often rush to my special space. It provides a time to be one with nature, which can be exceptionally spiritual, for God made these beautiful trees to have a bun in the ov en care of exhausted people like me. Once I looked at their leaves and exigencyed to paint them. non having my painting tools with me, I memorized their details and what they made me feel. The warm colors of ablaze(p), orange, and yellow clung to each other, tugging alone not fully merging. No color wins or loses in these battles. Vermillion and red orange stained the leaves veins, term Naples yellow and other values of yellow flowed outwards to their edges. The red bled into the yellow, as if painting wet red on a wet yellow cotton rag paper. The burst of colors granted me a sense of peace. They reminded me of the wonderful hues in life that change and combine with numerous others. The breeze forgave my sudden aggression in their space. It enveloped me with quick warm hugs from time to time. The greenery scents brushed my nose, while faraway laughter of teenagers, kids, and parents flew by. The judicatory felt cold and rough. It matched my feelings before I went there. Sitt ing and just staying there invoked positive emotions. My sanctuary unvoiced freshness into my mind and wherefore slowly massaged my body. I felt as warm as these colors red, yellow, and orange. I closed my eyes and I spilled over these colors and they spilled over me. I flowed with them, colors on top of colors, never completely mixing. My dark colors subsided. I felt yellow all over. Then, I felt red and orange. Such swirling emotions that fix my darkness instead of muddling my core calmed every bone, muscle, and emotion that antecedently strained. I flexed and knew my spirits weariness had been washed away, as I prepared for moments of reflection. Reflection comes advantageously under these trees because they take out the confusion and clear the mind. Modern life assaults humanity with so many interferences. Cellular phones ring with text messages or calls. Advertisements blare with large printed words and images. Buy this You need this You want this Automobiles blast their own cacophony of noises. Beep, beep, screech, vroom People dash in the streets, with no time to wear and speak to one another and pursue long conversations. Children cry and kick their nannies, while both their parents work full-time. The nannies take the kicks and try to assuage their foster children. The pollution smells toxic with cigarette smoke and garbage heaps, and then perfumes and flower shops ridicule the latter, but not entirely defeating the formers strength. I cannot help but want to flee this physical battering of my senses. And fled I did. Under my oaks simple scents, noises, sights,

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