Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Analysis of the Existing Strategy of the TUI Group Essay

Analysis of the Existing Strategy of the TUI Group - Essay ExampleThe unexampled critics of the modern forms of planning and management postulate the notions that the modern world is dominated by uncertainty, complexity and widespread of ambiguity. It is, therefore, illustrious that in such dynamic environment, there is need of being flexible to respond swiftly to the changing conditions and this often calls for the alteration of the already established organizations strategies to suit the current market structures (Weaver & Oppermann 45). cable and organization strategies offer the illustrations on the activities that the managers and stakeholders undertake as designed to achieve the firms objectives both in the short run or long run. Every organization has a purpose to make and a defined direction of achieving it and these argon always clearly articulated and embraced in their mission relation thereby acting as a guiding principle (Holloway 65). In a broader sense, business s trategies are considered to be game plans that enable an organization to execute its activities that are geared towards achieving their objectives such as the working out of market share and sales. Definition according to Ansoff takes business strategy as the common thread among firms, activities and the intersection point markets that are aimed at defining the fundamental nature of the business that the organization has planned to be in the future. He, therefore, introduces the Ansoff Matrix that gives four main strategies that when implemented by an organization helps in the attainment of business growth.

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