Thursday, April 25, 2019

Public Management and Administration Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Public Management and Administration - skid Study ExampleIt involves a full analysis of all possible factors and several steps that ar objective and lead to a well thought out decision. President Obamas decision fits into the able comprehensive model because the President had to act quick but by looking at the potence assays that the Sunni militants threat posed and the advantages and disadvantages of the White House decision on the threat. President Obama satisficed in his decision to send airstrikes and humanitarian airdrops of food and water.President Obamas decision was made after sharp deliberations over the militants threat on the Kurdish Capital, Erbil to ensure that the threat did not go away to a genocide situation. After being informed about the situation by the chairperson of the joystick Chiefs of Staff, the President did not devil the decision straight away. He engaged in crisis meetings with his security and comprehension advisers on the situation, the choices that he had to consider, the advantages and disadvantages of these choices and how each of these choices would have affected the militants, the people in Erbil and the United States of America. These deliberations helped the president make the decision on the issue that was urgent by virtue of the fact that many people were at risk of losing their lives and the danger of mass property destruction (Landler, Rubin Mazzetti & Cooper, 2014).President Obamas first analysis was the risk that the threat posed. American citizens comprising of diplomats and business people in Erbil were at risk. The local people in Erbil were as well at risk. The businesses and properties in Erbil were at risk of destruction from the militants. Most importantly, the decision that the white house was dismissal to make could put Obamas political career at risk but peoples lives and destruction of mass property were more important that President Obamas political career.President Obamas decision after the deli berations with security and

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