Thursday, April 25, 2019

Compare between wired and wireless LAN. List the advantages and Essay

Comp are between outfit and tuner local area network. List the advantages and disadvantages of each - Essay ExampleWired LAN uses coaxial cables or particularized wires and network adapters to link devices. Wireless LAN (WLAN) transmits data by air using radio waves, and/or infrared waves and/or microwaves without any physical link to the devices.When wired LAN and wireless LAN are compared, there are generally two main differences security and medium. However, they also share some study resemblingilities for instance, they are mostly Ethernet based networks, both attach through an internet gateway, and using similar types of public presentation requirements to cope with administration, functionability, and reliability (Ron and Helen, 2008, pg 179) The choice either to install wired and wireless LAN is mainly wide-ranging by individual preferences, but in conditions were installing of cables is not applicable, the network nodes are mostly moved, or the physical setting of the network need to be more flexible, thus reservation a wireless LAN a better choice. The medium used for wireless networking, radio frequency (RF) communications, has some setbacks making a wireless LAN not suitable in all situations.A wireless LAN has advantages that make it more suitable than a wired LAN in some conditions. First, in a WLAN, it is easier to add more computers on the network or move workstations since it operates on radio waves and/or microwaves to sanction interaction channels connecting the computers (Azam and Razwan, 2009). Secondly, it is the preferred mode of connecting movable or temporal buildings due to its flexibility to connect within the limited range. Thirdly, it is easier to provide connectivity in areas where it is difficult to lay cables due to the medium used. Also, its installation is fast(a) and easy, as there are no requirements to lay the cable through walls and ceilings.Moreover, the network access is cordial from within range of an access po int. Generally, the initial cost for WLAN hardware can be similar to the cost of wired LAN hardware, but the installation expenses are greatly

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