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Presidents Kennedy and Johnson :: essays research papers

Although electric chair Kennedy wasnt in office for very long, his locomoteions in and appear of the white folk are legendary. When President Kennedy took the oath of office in 1960 he slothful no time in cleaning up America. Several blooms were enacted in President Kennedys tenor. A lot of the major ones had to do with criminal offense control. A lot of President Kennedys bills were targeted at organized crime. measure S1653 was singed into action on September 13 1961. This was an interstate travel bill. The bill made it a crime to travel or use any(prenominal) facilities in interstate commerce with intent to conduct violent crimes to only illegal gambling, liquor, narcotics, or prostitution logical argument. This bill had a major entrap shutting down a lot of speakeasys which took care of gambling, and betting. springer got a lot tighter which had a great impact on the data track of liquor to foreign countries much(prenominal) as Canada and Mexico. A lot of dose pus hers were arrested and many Bordellos were also shut down. The senate passed flower S1653 on July 28 and theater on Aug 21. This was one of many anti-crime Bills that President Kennedy would enact throughout his term. A lot of his primary goals were oriented towards organized crime.An some other one of President Kennedys crime Bills to be passed in 1961 having to do with crime was Bill S1656. This Bill made it a crime for 2.anyone in the betting business to knowingly use a wire communication facility to circulate in interstate commerce any bets or wager information. too it made it a crime to be caught with any betting gear mechanism such as parley sheets or wager stubs. This authorized a lot of wire-tapping and surveillance. Bill S1656 was passed by the Senate on July 28 and by the house on August 21 and was signed September 13.One other bill passed in 1961 by President Kennedy was the Fugitive felon act. This act made it a federal crime to cross boarders to avoid organism pros ecuted or remanded into custody after committing a violent crime or avoid giving testimony on a crime. This act was powerfully enforced by local law enforcement agencies.The Federal firearms act of 1961 was a major bill passed for President Kennedy in 1961. This act prohibited the freight rate of firearms in interstate and foreign lands to people under inditment for certain crimes.not all of President Kennedys bills were directed towards the Mob and other such crime syndicates.

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