Friday, February 15, 2019

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Though the national public opinions on marihuana and the intake of it have recently gained massive media attention, the head word still largely the Great Compromiser Do the benefits of ganja uses outweigh the potential risks associated with it? The truth of the matter is that all told of the negative attributes that would come along with its legalization and usage make iodin wonder why the nation is even deliberating on the subject. These main reasons all the way identify why ganja should remain illegal. First, marijuana legalization poses a serious risk for the occurrence of an upswing in jejune marijuana use. Secondly, marijuana poses countless health risks on individuals who use it. Finally, the benefits associated with marijuana use ar minimal, to say the least, and therefore would do nonhing more than allow lot to get high at free go out. Overall, even though marijuana has been heavily promoted through its own advocates as well as the media as a substance with a pl ethora of benefits, the legalization of the use of this drug would ultimately do more harm than good. Its no transcendental that the media has heavily glamorized marijuana usage in recent times. Teens atomic number 18 esteem as more and more states put marijuana legalization measures on their ballots. They are watching as states like Washington and Colorado legalize recreational marijuana use. Not to mention all the stars that glamorize drugs. Teens watch as stars they admire like Miley Cyrus openly proclaim their love for marijuana and getting stoned from it. (Rivera) Slogans like Just Say No are slowly fading from the minds of our nations teens. When teens watch things like this occur, its easy to see why they may want to begin victimization marijuana. The issue with this is that an upswing in teen ma... ...uanas benefits probably do not outweigh its drawbacks, and therefore should remain illegal.Marijuana is and will remain a hot topic in American minds from years to come. Its legal status, though, is the point at hand and the question remains Does the drug carry overflowing positive qualities to overcome all of its negative attributes? The simple answer to that question is no. The drug poses a serious risk in an upswing of teen marijuana use, it has been proven to contain numerous health risks, and its benefits are so small and minimally-researched that likely the only benefit to come from its legalization is liberty for people to get stoned at their own discretion. To sum it up, marijuana is simply something that can do without legalizing. Keeping its status illegal will ultimately help keep our citizens from going down a pathway they certainly do not need to.

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