Friday, February 22, 2019

How to Describe an Animal

Unit two grade 12 indite a field guide about an wight The is one of the (most customary , most dangerous , biggest , largest) (mammals, birds, reptiles, sea animals , quit animals, forest animals) in the world. It lives in and .. Males be . centimeters high and centimeters long. While females are . centimeters high and centimeters long. It lives in (packs families cackles groups clans) of . to .. animals. Or ( It is a loner animal that doesnt like to live in groups. ) The strongest (female-male) is the leader of the group. So, It leads them for their hunt or fighting. First of all, this animal uses different sounds to go across together. For example, It moans to show it is unhappy. It sometimes howls to keep the group together. It usually trumpets when it is scare or in danger. It also groans to warn its group of danger verbalize Danger ahead. It may howl to begin the hunt or to return to the den.To sum up, this animal makes loud noises for many reasons. Most importa ntly, the hunts at (day night) so it is a nocturnal animal that sleeps by day and is alive(p) at night. It survives on different kinds of (animals plants) such as Therefore it is a (herbivore carnivore- omnivore). It lives in (dens, stables , caves , trees) . It eventually uses its (sharp claws premolars beaks horns) to defend itself against its predators or to hunt and intimidate its prey.On the other hand this animal is hunted by humans to take over its (fur tusks feathers skin) and make (medicine jewelry coats shoes belts bags). As a result this animal is endangered and the governments enforced a law to stop hunting it and build natural habitats to protect it from extinction. In conclusion, When you are in the (woods ocean desert forest jungle) , you may hear their scary sounds. But dont be afraid, they are just speaking to each others in a language that scarcely they understand.

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