Thursday, October 17, 2019

To prepare a marketing communications plan to launch a new brand Essay

To prepare a marketing communications plan to launch a new brand (Yumee) into the UK market - Essay Example The report provides a comprehensive marketing communication plan for the new product â€Å"Yummee† a fresh fruit juice to be launched in to the UK market. A market analysis along with target market segments is discussed prior to setting marketing objectives. The marketing communication plan is linked to these overall marketing objectives to ensure a fully integrated marketing communication strategy. The Exotic Juice Company Ltd (TEJCL) is in the second position in the UK’s fresh fruit juice and fruit based drinks such as smoothies market behind the market leader, Innocence. The company has earned a reputation for product quality over the past hundred years of its existence and have a brand image, which is of â€Å"value for money† contrary to the high-end premium priced Innocence products. With their product portfolio currently carting orange, grapefruit and pineapple based products, the company wishes to expand their range with introduction of products, which targets the growing segment of health conscious consumers. After intensive investments in product development and market research, the company is ready to launch â€Å"Yummee† a product made of Yumberry, a â€Å"super fruit† from Australia, which is a rare and precious berry that provides a deep red colored juice and is purported to carry healthy benefits. For a company to be successful in business, it needs to respond to the changes in the market place by developing and implementing business strategies, that takes in to account the dynamic micro and macro business environment (Abell 1980, Thomson & Strickland 2003). The report provides a market analysis of the Fresh Fruit Juice market in UK and also assess the new product, Yummee’s strengths and weaknesses in relation to environmental conditions. . A SWOT analysis can be used in drawing conclusions on how a company can best align its resource base to take advantage of the business opportunities while safeguarding

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