Monday, October 21, 2019

Genocide Thesis essays

Genocide Thesis essays Although, some feel that the actions taken by the colonists towards the Native Americans were justified, in reality, there actions were both brutal and hostile, making them guilty of genocide. Their guilt was visible by events such as the landing of the pilgrims and the attack of Fort Mystic. A person may believe that the English colonists were not guilty of genocide because they did not have straight forward plans to murder every Indian in order to get more land, it just appeared that way. Also, they may think that it wasnt completely the Englishs fault because the Indians would always have to do a retaliation after every attack. These thought are all completely false. The English colonists went into this battle with to intentions of killing every Indian, making it genocide. Also, a retaliation was the only thing the Indians could do to have a chance at staying alive. They did not want to just sit there and let themselves be murdered. As settlers from Massachusetts moved west into the Connecticut River valley, they clashed with the powerful Pequots. Massachusetts Bay Colony dispatched an officer with orders "to kill every Indian male he found. The victims were mostly men, however there where several women and children slaughtered. The Pequots wondered if the killing of these innocent women and children really served a purpose. The English responded by answering Wait and See. In response, the Pequots killed nine settlers. Men, women and children included. The attitude and the actions taken by the English were not only destructive, but unnecessary. By killing these innocent people it was a deliberate act of genocide. These people did not need to die, nor did they need to lose there land. The English were just land lust and did whatever it took to wipe this entire racial group out so they could have there chunk of land. The actions taken by the Pequots to kill the 9 settlers probably was no...

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