Tuesday, October 8, 2019

The New Media, and New Forms of Communications Essay

The New Media, and New Forms of Communications - Essay Example According to studies, over sixty percent U.S households have a personal computer and more than fifty percent have access to internet. Considering this spread of modern communication devices, it seems necessary to look into their effects on communication and other social spheres. This study intends to look into various scholarly works on the issue ranging from the positive and negative impacts of modern means of communication on society, especially on young ones. The Positive Side of Modern Means of Communication There are various advantages of the use of these modern means of communication according to scholars. In the opinion of Matusitz (2007), it is the best way of communication for the people who are intimidated by others’ expression. According to him, people who are generally shy and reserved in face-to-face interaction tend to communicate naturally on internet (Matusitz). A similar opinion comes from Wakefield and Rice too; according to them, cyber communication is an ef fective way for those children who might not otherwise be confident to communicate. Another point as put forward by Matusitz (2007) is that internet helps conquer the geographical barriers too. ... An obvious benefit pointed out by Matusitz (2007) is that internet leads to the disappearance of the barriers erected by society and geography. It is evident that the people who do not have a chance to interact in their physical world can easily remain in touch through the modern means of communication. Thus, in the opinion of Wakefield and Rice (2008), by integrating internet with communication, students become able to share knowledge, personal perspectives, and experiences effectively. In addition, there comes the finding that the modern ways lead to more social interaction as people who spend time in the ‘digital realm’ tend to make tons of friends (Matusitz, 2007). Furthermore, there comes the finding that the development of virtual communities using modern means like internet helps improve the psychological wellbeing of people. This claim is based on the ideology that such virtual communities help sharing of interests, principles and beliefs. Thus, for those who fac e physical barriers, the virtual society gives a ‘sense of social interaction, and belonging’ (Matusitz , 2007). Almost the same notion comes from Wakefield and Rice; according to them, more and more youth are using internet as the main source of self-help. For purposes ranging from medical condition, support groups, and other issues that require emotional support, internet has become the best and easiest way. While other people work on the sociological and psychological benefits of modern means of communication, Janko (2002) looks into how the quality of information passed improves when modern means of communication are used; according to him, by using

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