Friday, October 18, 2019

Ethics and Professionalism in Medicine-Journal Essay

Ethics and Professionalism in Medicine-Journal - Essay Example In addition, when the time arrives to be finally seen to the doctor, the doctor is in sort of a hurry. Professionalism seems to be on the verge of being none at all in such situations. Hence, I posed a question concerning the care of the patient as to why they are neglected. The answer was that the patient is concerned about himself alone while, the doctor and the nurse also have other patients to tend to. This becomes stressful and although they try to balance it in every way there comes a time when it just slips out of their control. Although I didn’t find this explanation helpful, it can be justifiable. Relating another example, Cindy, a nurse was confused as to why a patient was behaving the way he was but instead of stopping and asking, she thought it better to send him for his tests. As she didn’t stop and think the reason behind the patient’s particular behavior; this makes the patient defensive and unwilling in return. There can be several reasons behind verbally abusive patient; it might be the pain, a psychological aspect or it can be the injury itself. It is important for the doctor and nurse to be aware of the patients’ weaknesses. Another aspect of ethics dangling on the borderline, I witnessed was that in some cases, the patient demanded as to why the information about him was given to his family without his consent. Or why he wasn’t aware of the disease he had. There are no steadfast rules regarding that but a viewpoint suggest that the patient has the right to know and to hold out information to anyone he want to. Here, ethics also deal with the coding that is done in order to safeguard a patient’s identity. In the hospital, I saw that coding is better than the conventional system as it gives assurance to the patient. A particular case which stuck in my mind was that a patient was willing to go through a surgery not as yet an area of expertise for the doctor. There were high risks but the patient was adamant. They finally decided

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