Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Telepresence is Finally Coming of Age Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Telepresence is Finally Coming of Age - Essay Example Similar to face-to-face interactions, telepresence meetings allow users to view one another and the tension to stay attentive and engaged occurs. For most offices, such an innovation would prove the ideal solution (Shein 2010). Clearly, the abilities of the technology might form an experience that feels very realistic. However, users must question whether the experience is similar in quality to real human communication. As a result, prior to continuing to grow telepresence technology, an organization must take its effect on human communication and relationship quality into account. a. Apart from the travel cost savings mentioned in the case study, two less tangible advantages for applying telepresence over the travel alternative are the quality of the life of a worker and ecological footprint. These merits are not effortlessly weighted or valued. As a result, I will offer and reference conformist approximations in this research to support my answers. These kinds of innovations are only possible because of the functionality of grids, particularly telecommunications (Shein 2010). b. Levels of stress affect human health significantly. Researchers surveyed traveling businesspersons in 2000 who recorded 80% more clinical claims than those who are stationary (Shein 2010). Consequently, clinical claims can result in lost work output at the workplace. Between 60 and 90% of grievances made by patients and taken to doctors are about stress (Shein 2010). Researcher Dr. Herbert Benson says three of the most widespread symptoms, headaches, serious pain, and hypertension, account for more than half of lost incomes from absenteeism. It is logical to presume that retain workers in their homes as much as possible to prevent increases in their stress levels (Shein 2010).  

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