Thursday, November 21, 2019

The Most Significant Political Development Essay

The Most Significant Political Development - Essay Example This essay stresses that the issue of civil wars has ailed the international states for quite a very long time. The civil wars emanate from several causes. Some of these causes are preventable. However, a number of the sources f such civil wars are indefinite. This follows that the major forces behind such causes of the civil wars may be unable to clearly define what their interests are. Instead, they conduct such criminal activities with the aim of getting international. Several criminal groupings have ailed most governments in the world for instance Al Qaeda and Taliban. This paper makes a conclusion that the wars in Syria have also incorporated massive use of chemical weapons that have led to the deaths of a large number of individuals. This has massively affected the foreign policy of the United States of America. It is in order to note that the foreign policy of the United States is always based on peace to the uttermost end. In this perspective, the United States always champion the use of peace in solving any international dispute, was as well as conflicts. However, in situations where the use of peace is unsuccessful, the United State always employ other means. The civil wars experienced in Syria, being a threat to the United States foreign policy, may likely lead to a change in the United States foreign policy in several ways. These threats can make the United States resort to other means that function in a slightly different manner to sole he conflicts.

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