Wednesday, November 13, 2019

How I See Television :: Personal Narrative Media Entertainment Essays

How I See Television I love television with all my heart, I also hate it with a passion. I have many reasons for my emotional dyslexic connection to television. I love the feeling I get when Thursday rolls around and the Apprentice is on NBC. Who will be eliminated tonight? What will their task be? I love Home and Garden Television. They do home renovations in two days time, show us how to plan and carry out a fabulous dinner party in an evening, and demonstrate how to create fabulous decorations for any holiday season. DIY or Do It Yourself television is equally inspiring, though neither are actually inspiring enough for me to have attempted any of the projects I learned about, but that is beside the point. When I would talk about different shows, my friend would get a confused look on his face and say, â€Å"I’m not familiar with that show, if it’s not on PBS then I wouldn’t have seen it.† That is the defining statement of a PBS snob, he admits it. Different people could fill in the ‘PBS’ designation with the ‘History Channel’ or the ‘Discovery Channel’. At that point I knew it was futile to even attempt to convey how funny the show was that I watched, it would have been lost on him. There is a sense of superiority when people say, â€Å"Oh, I don’t watch television.† Like we immediately picture them reading War and Peace instead of watching the finale of The Bachelor. I think of them as alcoholics that don’t allow themselves to watch any television because they would soon find themselves sitting among stacks of pizza boxes and bags of trash, watching Stella plan her big day on â€Å"Whose We dding is it Anyway?† It’s on HGTV if you are interested. Last year we signed up with Dish Network and now get about four hundred channels. Part of the package includes a PVR, or personal video recorder. We can record up to 60 hours of programming and watch a recorded show while another is recording. My goal is to avoid commercials as they waste valuable time. Several months ago, actually it was four days before the presidential election, our television started acting funny with squiggly lines every so often.

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