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The Emerging American Character During the 1700’s :: essays research papers

The Emerging American Character During the 1700’s (7 There once was an Italian man by the name of Amerigo Vespucci, who sailed the seas and explored South America. And later named America after himself. And there was Bartholomew Diaz who was also a navigator of the sea, but he was from Portugal, and the first European to round the cay of good hope in 1488. Then there was another Italian explorer, he to commanded the English exploration and alter discovered the North American mainland. He was John Cabot. The House of Burgesses was the lowest legislative house, and it was located in colonial Virginia. Holy land in America is the strange politico, mainly religious sects. (Palestine) There was a series of brutal wars undertaken by the Christians of Europe, this took place between the 11th and 14th century, that was the crusades. It happened to recover the great holy lands from the Muslims. Another great navigator from Portugal was Henry the navigator, he was the prince of Portugal who began to establish an observatory and also a school of navigation, and he also directed many long voyages that ignited the growth of Portugal’s colonial empire. The lost colony of Virginia was the Roanoke land that was taken over by the â€Å"Drotuann† Native Americans. Intercolonial wars refer to when the French and Indian wars between Great Britain and France in the late seventeenth and sixteenth century, these wars started a great change to British colonies. There was an English colonist and religious leader that was banished from Boston in 1637 just because of her religious beliefs. Her name was Anne Hutchinson . (1 I am an English philosopher in the current time of the 1600’s, my name is John Locke and I would like to explain my ideology. Well I believe in the enlighten (mainstream of thought at the 18th century of Europe), I think that the middle class and it’s rights to freedom of conscience and also I believe that they should have a right to property. I hold good faith in my science and along with the good of humanity. My thoughts are the basic state of nature was originally happy until characterized by tolerance. But not everyone feels the same way that I do, for instance Thomas Hobbes must controdict with me mainly because I feel he aroused the Antigo of the English group in France and also his thorough materialism often offends fellow churchman.

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