Friday, July 26, 2019

According to the require Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

According to the require - Assignment Example With this, age plays a crucial role in language acquisition since it is based on the biological innateness of competence in language. Although a child is not able to learn language by the age of two, this is an expected requirement before puberty (Rowe & Dianne, 110). The discovery of Genie took place through one of the social workers who noticed the 13-year old girl after her mother requested for the services. However, she was not able to acquire a language within a critical period because she did not have any language at the time. She had been one of those feral children who had been raised in social isolation. She had very little or no human contact at all. During the whole of her childhood, she spent most of the moments locked in a bedroom where she had been abused and isolated for an entire decade (Nova Teachers Sc. 1-5). Some of the symptoms that she exhibited in relation to this failure when she was discovered were her ability to reach out to things without saying anything and the ability to communicate with her eyes. She had less weight and was barely able to walk as she had a strange â€Å"bunny walk† (Nova Teachers Sc. 1). As indicated in this film, there is a forbidden experiment which is about deprivation and social isolation to study how language is acquired among human beings. The moral requirements of scientific experiments do not allow researchers to conduct studies using methods of social deprivation. In this respect, Viktor, who was a speechless child discovered in the 19th century in France became a model of this experiment by exposing how the environment within which a child is nurtured can contribute to a horrifying past (Nova Teachers Sc. 1-5).. Since her discovery, the long-term development of Genie’s language was the ability to add new vocabularies to her language every day. She first learnt single words, then

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