Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Dynamic of Machines Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Dynamic of Machines - Essay Example Racing car drivers require as quick a shift as possible. Not only is there a change in characteristics of the modern race engine, there is also an increasing awareness of the importance of transmission in a racing car. In order to make Formula 1 Racing more environmental friendly, transmission firms Torotrak and Xtrac are developing a highly efficient transmission system capable of capturing, storing and reusing kinetic energy from racing cars. The new technology with the help of a flywheel, will recover and store kinetic energy during deceleration that can then be used for acceleration; thus providing highly efficient kinetic energy recovery systems (KERS) for motorsport. â€Å"Torotrak’s patented Toroidal Traction Drive Variator provides a continuous and variable ratio connection between the flywheel and the vehicle driveline via the gearbox† (PE 2007, p.14). Mechanical efficiency greater than 90% is obtained by advanced construction of the flywheel. The system not only optimizes performance, but also cuts carbon-dioxide emissions. According to Griffo & Lauria (2005), increasing stability-related aspects is essential for achieving improved generation and transmission structures. For improving the dynamic behaviour of electrical power systems, transmission-line reclosure is an efficient structural action. The new technique for computing the optimal reclosure time of a transmission line is based on optimal control strategies for switched dynamic systems. This method allows the use of high-order modelling, including control-system and relay action. Numerical simulations substantiate the effectiveness of the proposed strategy which increases system stability and improves damping oscillations. In applications where elevated transmission ratios are required, especially in the automobile field, continuously variable transmissions (CVTs) have developed significantly. Their advantages are high in terms of car handling and

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