Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Personal journal entry Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Personal journal entry - Essay ExampleHowever, all the formatting methods must stick by to the required method selected by the institution for consistency. If these standards were not available, there would be chaos in writing because many methods of writing would be available and that would these would not be following a particular consistent strategy making it difficult to communicate between different individuals. In fact, there would be no communication because the formatting methods applied enable understanding and consistency.The interview determines the content and how the message needs to be delivered. One cannot generalise the message and the audience because all(prenominal) message must have be tailored to a specific audience. Selection of words while writing can depends on the formality, so that if the audience has high level of formality it is important to avoid using words with similar denotation that have different connotations like argonnt mad and are not angry. In t erms of tone, the detach tone of word selected should match with the purpose of that word with the audience. The tone relates to emotion, attitude, seriousness, or humour. One should use humour when it is appropriate and resonate with the audience. The most important part is to avoid using slang word or using personal digressions in any form of

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