Sunday, June 2, 2019

Classification Of Computers :: Computer PC Desktop Technology

Classifications of ComputersAccording to the U.S. Census Forty-four million ho designholds, or 42 percent, had at least one member who used the Internet at home in 2000 (Home Computers 2). Today, no doubt, even more family members in the United States use computers. Most people be aware of the desktop computers which fanny be found in the home and in the workplace. What are the different types of computers and what are their purposes? Computers can be classified into three different categories of home computers, portable computers, and business computers including workstations and super computers. First, what is a computer? While the term computer can don to virtually any device that has a microprocessor in it, virtually people think of a computer as a device that receives input from the exploiter through a mouse or keyboard, processes it in some fashion and displays the result on a screen (What are the Different p. 1). Home computers are being used by children, teenagers, and ad ults. The PC or personal computer is designed to be used by one person. The term, Mac, is a PC, but most people link computers with Windows software much(prenominal) as Windows 98, Windows 2000, or Windows XP. A PC is actually a desktop that is designed to be used in one set location. Most desktops offer more power, storage, and versatility for less than their portable brethren (What Are p. 3). Many desktop computers are used at home and at work. Various types of software have been designed to meet individual needs of the computer user. The use of home computers or PCs can be for various purposes such as education, work at home, personal communication through e-mail, to gain knowledge about different topics, to find recipes, and even to play games. The second variety of computers is portable computers. This type of classification includes lap tops and palm tops. The personal digital assistant or PDA was designed to help people outride organized. This was expanded upon and now PD As offer a variety of services. PDAs are easy to use and capable of sharing information with your PC. Its supposed to be an extension of the PC, non a replacement with many different types of services (How PDAs Work p. 1). Many PDAs are even capable of connecting with the Internet and act as global emplacement devices. Other portable computers are now available. Another portable computer is the palmtop.

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