Thursday, June 13, 2019

Articles Comparison Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Articles Comparison - Essay ExampleIn the second essay the compose teaches us to fertilize more importance to ourselves rather than anything else. Throughout the essay he has shown how entanglement technology and media strive to fulfill our needs and desires. But the purpose of the article is non to encourage individuals to become self centered good deal but also to have sufficient knowledge close to the outside world. For the first essay the author Steven Johnson have highlighted the following issues 1. Web technology centering on common people and giving much attention to their fair lives apart from those having extra ordinary lives and given a lot of media attention and coverage. 2. Social interaction surely has become easier and networking, connections more wide spread. 3. The phenomenon of place bloggers has enabled people to share their own life, their part with other members of communities. 4. The essay has also brought into notice the fact that the art of victorious snaps and recording videos have not remained solely in the hands of professionals. Ordinary people can now to some extent mange these kinds of press. 5. The essay never ignores the need to know the designers and creators of those devices that made life this simpler. In the other essay the author Brian Williams has punctuate the following 1. Need to do things that satisfy us and make us happy. Importance of self has been highlighted throughout. He calls this more important than anything else. 2. The author has also talked about web technology and feels that they have always worked upon meeting our needs and desires. Their strategy is based upon user satisfaction. 3. Sharing our life with others is held as equally important. It gives an individual a sort of pleasure and urge to do so irrespective of whether the viewer likes it or not. 4. Celebration of life is most important. It does not matter whether the concerned mortal have or does not have a long list of achievements behind hi m. 5. Although author stresses upon self satisfaction he does not support guardianship oneself locked and shutting the doors of the outside world totally. There are some things, some facts which should be in everyones knowledge. Such shortage of knowledge can dribble out again many things in life and we can also land up in danger. both the essays have highlighted have stressed on concentrating on the so called ordinary people and their ordinary lives rather than focusing only on those extraordinary celebrity kinds of people who are already beneath limelight. The media coverage should not only be for champions and winners or only for those genius people who have a lot of awards and trophies to display (Williams). In this era of web technology people can click their own pictures and make their own videos. The best part is common man can share all this stuff with others on social networking websites or web communities. Web technology has led to better communications and this implies more when it comes to the cultural side (Johnson). Its no more that taking good quality pictures and make good videos is confined to professional experts. Common people, even if not so good as the professionals, can take delicious snaps and recordings and now a days they are very much willing to share those with friends, relatives and other chatting companions. But those great minds or the creators should also be known. Both the essays consider the need of some facts to be in everybody

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