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Analysis Of Tumblr Samples for Students †

Question: Discuss about the Analysis Of Tumblr Project. Answer: Topic Research The topic chosen for this project is Tumblr. As the creators say themselves, Tumblr can be defined as the microblogging site that helps users effortlessly share any content like texts, quotes, photos, music videos, links and others for any platform like the mobile devises or the desktop websites. IT can be said that Tumblr is a cross platform between the huge social networking site like the Facebook, twitter and blogging sites (, 2018). The main reason why it is called a microblogs sites are because it is seen that generally peoples share short snippets of texts and pictures as compared to the traditional blogging sites. The reason why Tumbler is chosen is because of the transparency of the structure. Use of the Tumblr is very simple and user friendly, even a kid can use it very easily. IT is easy for the users to create account and search for the like-minded people. It helps in expressing thoughts in a quick and easy manner (, 2018). The topics that have been rejected are similar micro bloggers site the WordPress. Tumblr is better because it provides much more visibility and editability. Unlike the WordPress the tumbler allows the users to post more extensions posts like the videos (For Free). The platforms design is also very much user-friendlier than the other similar sites (, 2018). Tumblr provides many customizations to the user making it earlier and simpler for the user to be used. This is one of the best topic for blogging because Tumblr being a new technology, has a craze in the people, mostly in the teens who are always in a hurry and wants to do things in an easy manner (Digital Trends, 2018). People loves to learn and understand things in short, which is the fact with Tumblr. Also, people who are interested in learning new things can refer to this blog for more information and find relevant ones. Platform Analysis Tumblr being one of the most unique microblogging site that enables easy sharing of contents. Dissimilar from the other platforms, the Tumblr basically focusses on sharing the multimedia specially designed to share the photos, images, videos and other similar things (Hexagon, 2018). The primary user of the tumblers are the people who likes to read and write small blogs and likes more of the multimedia. Some of the similar platforms like the Tumblr are the WordPress Blogger Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, and Webflow. While the tumbler is a micro blogging site, the webflow is a web designing tool with a hosting platform, Squarespace being service based content management system provides a blogging platform also (Facts, 2018). Wix is also an online web developing site which focuses on the HTML5 for the usage. In the Tumblr it is very easy for showcasing the products in the format of pictures, also it provides free hosting to the users. The Tumblr community, which one can access any time is very much responsive and provides correct information in short time (Renwick, 2018). The Tumblr comprises of the Tumblr dictionary, which is a great option for listing task accordingly. Some of the weakness of the entire system are the Anonymity issue. Anonymity delivers guard for handlers that want to freely speech thoughts without consequences. The Yahoo Acquisition. The age restriction is also one of the major issue in the Tumblr (Livewire, 2018). One of the other major problem is the Domain based hosting system that the Tumblr follows. The negative factors may affect the choice the customers in a negative way for the people in the blog. As the people look for a lag free and advanced blogging sites, the backlogs of the site can affect the number of the people who are reading the blog. Also it can be seen that the website hosting is bit difficult in the case of the Tumblrs , devalues of its policy of the domain hosting and hence it becomes tougher. Audience research Audience research can be explained as the type of the specific research that is done on a specific audience fragment to gather information about some topic. For this research the audience that is selected are the audience are the people who are interested in the modern technologies and want to do something new. Tumblr is one of the best platform for such people. The demographic survey of the Tumblr came out that approx. 10% of the total internet users the Tumblr on a regular basis. Out of this the maximum number are the womens of the colleges. It is also seen that the people with salary more than the $75000 uses the most among the others. This is because of the feature of the Tumblr that is the business blogs. Business blog helps the people to earn money and understand more of a topic. Due to huge amount of density in the network of the tumbler it becomes easier for the people to find the likeminded people and connect (Pew Research Centre: Internet, Science Tech, 2018). A typical ex ample of this is man, who has a certain online business and wants to know more about the technology. A clean and clear website is one he will certainly like to visit to gain knowledge, Inclusion of the proper video and photos helps a lot to gain the attention of the people (Union Metrics, 2018). This kind of people are very good for the blogs because they provide with money and helps in expanding the blogging network. With money and helps in expanding the blogging network. Reflective This is one of the best project that I have done so far because of the fact that I came to know about many new things about the internet and its usage. People gets attracted to things that look good at first. For fang this particular project I had to search a study a opt of things which helped me to grow my knowledge. In order to get maximum number of viewers, there must a good content with proper references, if the content of the blog is good people come again and again for the same. Things that would have been improved in the entire task is about the way to represent the things in a good format. Formatting a particular is necessary, part from the consent and the view (Marketing and Growth Hacking, 2018). Tumbler being one of the best micro blogging site provides enough scope for the new generation for gaming knowledge and learn new things. Getting connected is also a key feature of this blogger site. MY advice to my friends are that in order to learn new things and enhance the know ledge about the concept of the blogging. Tumblr being new to the market has got huge scopes in the future for success as now a days people seek for smaller and quicker to read blogs due to the busy schedule of the people (Livewire, 2018). Although there are some of the backdrops of the system that causes people to not accept the change in the profile , but are very small and negligible and dissent cause any problem to the people who enjoys the concept of the technology. This concluding the topic I can say that it was very easy to work with the platform of the tumbler and it helped me to learn many things which will help me in future. References Digital Trends. (2018).WordPress vs. Tumblr vs. Blogger. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 21 Mar. 2018]. Facts, T. (2018).Topic: Tumblr. [online] Available at: [Accessed 21 Mar. 2018]. Hexagon, C. (2018).Social analysis purchase behavior | Social insights for the music industry. [online] Available at: [Accessed 21 Mar. 2018]. Lifewire. (2018).How to Make a Free Blog on Tumblr. 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